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Oftedal - US History I: Social Studies Databases

Primary Source: Close Reading

Warrior One Search

Quick 1-step search of many of the WHRHS Library databases!

American History Databases

Multi-Cultural Databases

Database Searching Tips

  •     It is crucial to CHOOSE the right database for your task.
  •     COMBINE keywords and/or subject terms using Boolean logic for fewer, more relevant results.
  •     USE a database's sorting features for better results.
  •     Databases may cover specific topics and/or time periods – PAY ATTENTION!


  •     Use the HELP screens to learn the characteristics of a specific database and improve your searching skills.
  •     Don’t forget to CITE your sources!  Most databases will have a citation tools” feature – use it!

What are Databases

World History Databases

Miscellaneous Social Studies Databases

Social Studies Databases


Databases contain articles taken from books, encyclopedias, magazines, websites, newscasts and other information formats. The databases offer you current, accurate, unbiased, reviewed information. Most databases give you citation information in MLA format and others.


An Article Database

Article databases (also called periodical databases) include the citations, abstracts or brief summaries, and full text of articles in magazines, journals and newspapers. An example of an article database that is available through the WHRHS Library is EBSCOhost.

Subject Oriented Databases

Rather than build one massive, centralized database, most companies are building numerous subject-oriented databases. Examples of a few subject databases at WHRHS are Opposing Viewpoints, A-Z World Cultures and Global Issues in Context.

Use Databases

Use an article database when your topic is contemporary and current information is needed.

Check the library for subject databases that are relevant to your topic.  For ex., Science in Context  would be a good choice for the topic  "What are the effects of acid rain?"


Country and Culture

Newspaper Databases

War & Genocide Databases

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